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Regal Medical Group (RMG)

With a network spanning more than 5,000 square miles and thousands of health care providers, Regal Medical Group is part of one of Southern California's largest managed health networks. That size works to your advantage, allowing us to be there to coordinate all of your health care, when and where you need us. In spite of our size, we remain rooted in close community and operate upon the simple, traditional principles of knowing our customer, and providing respectful, personal, quality care.

At Regal, we know that navigating the healthcare system can be complicated for patients and for physicians. We also believe that during a visit to your doctor, the focus should be on health and wellness. You should be discussing things like prevention, diagnosis, treatment and healing, not coverage, networks, claims, regulations and billing. That's where an IPA, like Regal Medical Group, is able to serve both patients and physicians, by managing the business of managed care so that you don't have to.

Regal Medical Group works together with your healthcare plan and your PCP to keep things running smoothly. We collaborate with our physicians to provide quality care, while focusing on minimizing your out of pocket expenses. One way that we keep your overall health care costs low is by emphasizing preventative care in order to keep you healthy.

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Sierra Medical Group (SMG)

Sierra Medical Group represents the future of medicine. Throughout our twenty five year history serving Antelope Valley, we have diligently invested our time and resources in the development of programs and services responsive to the healthcare needs of today's patient, while adapting to the increasingly diverse needs of tomorrow's health care agenda.

At SMG your health is our priority. An excellent team of specialty physicians who are either board certified or board eligible supports our primary care physicians providing you with a comprehensive healthcare network that is fully committed to your individual needs.

At SMG, we work hard to ensure that our patients receive quality medical care. This is why you will find easy access to your doctor, minimal waiting time for referrals, and staff members that genuinely care for your well-being.

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Desert Oasis Health Care (DOHC)

DOHC is a team of highly skilled primary care physicians and ancillary providers, servicing the community with all their health care needs from newborn to senior care. We have convenient locations throughout the Coachella Valley, Morongo Basin and Yucca Valley areas.

DOHC’s services include access to 6 Immediate and Urgent Care Centers - Bermuda Dunes, Indio, Palm Desert, Palm Springs and Yucca Valley. Our programs include Living and Aging Well, Home Health Services and Medication Management Services which are committed to improving your health proactively.

We are affiliated with every hospital in the Coachella Valley, which includes Eisenhower Memorial Hospital, Desert Regional Medical Center, John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital and Hi-Desert Medical Center.

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Bakersfield Family Medical Center (BFMC)

Bakersfield Family Medical Center provides excellence in health care to our patients in professional settings that promote wellness and preventive medicine in Kern County.  Throughout the twenty year history of our medical group, we have diligently invested our resources in the development of programs and services responsive to the healthcare needs of today’s patient while adapting to the increasingly diverse needs of tomorrow’s healthcare agenda.

Our facilities offer superior patient convenience by providing Urgent Care, Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology, Pediatrics and a variety of specialty services at one convenient site.  In addition, the Heritage Physician Network is a group of physicians located throughout Kern County who have joined together to form an Independent Physicians Association (IPA).  These IPA physicians remain affiliated with BFMC although they maintain their own individual offices.  Members who choose physicians in Heritage Physician Network will see their selected doctors in their conveniently located private offices.  All members of Heritage Physician Network can access the full range of services, programs and specialists offered by BFMC.

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Coastal Communities Physician Network (CCPN)

CCPN is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) formed in 2006, consisting of a network of contracted physicians located throughout the San Luis Obispo and Tulare counties. These IPA physicians are affiliated with BFMC/CCPN for the coordination of care rendered to members who have selected CCPN as their primary medical group.  Members who choose physicians of CCPN will see their doctors in their conveniently located private offices and also have access to a whole network of out-of-area specialists.  All members of CCPN can access a full range of services, programs and specialists through these contracted providers.

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High Desert Medical Group (HDMG)

HDMG has a long-standing promise to provide residents of the Antelope Valley with the highest quality health care possible. Living up to our promise is an on-going commitment, which necessitates our growth as a multi-specialty medical group providing a wide range of health care services for our patients. For more than 25 years, we've been fortunate to have an impressive team of health care professionals, administrators, support personnel and dedicated volunteers who work in unison to help us deliver on our promise.

Together, we partner with local hospitals, medical experts and business leaders, and we actively support numerous organizations, educational, cultural and recreational events. Our team of healthcare professionals is available and ready to help you with all of your medical needs. We accept over 85 different health plans, including HMO, PPO, POS, EPO, Private and Medicare plans. Our Lancaster facility offers the convenience of having your Primary Care Physician, Lab, X-Ray, Urgent Care, Pharmacy, a Health Education Department, Infusion Center, and a multitude of subspecialties all under the same roof. In addition, our Urgent Care is now open 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays. We also have a full service Occupational Medicine Center on-site.

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Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group (HVVMG)

Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group has exceeded our members’ expectations since its inception in 2003 through personalized care by a staff of skilled professionals, a speedy referral system, and a panel of specialists to serve all your medical needs.

We believe the most important aspect of healthcare is tending to the personal needs of our patients. Our facilities are equipped with some of the finest diagnostic equipment and technicians available. We have the resources and commitment to always bring the best to meet the new challenges and ever-changing health care needs of the Victor Valley region.

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Lakeside Medical Group (LMG)

Lakeside Medical Group is a comprehensive healthcare provider with a network of physicians and services throughout the San Fernando, San Gabriel and Santa Clarita Valleys, as well as parts of Ventura and San Bernardino Counties. We aim to deliver quality, affordable healthcare to the communities we serve.

We bring more than 20 years of innovation in healthcare delivery and management systems to our integrated network of services, which include hundreds of primary care physicians and over a thousand specialists; ancillary services, such as an outpatient surgery center, urgent care centers and physical therapy; and affiliations with premier hospitals, labs and other support services.

Our commitment to complete patient care includes developing new and better ways of delivering healthcare. From our approach to prevention and disease management to our hospitalist program and more, your care is coordinated so that you have the best possible outcomes.

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ADOC Medical Group (ADOC)

ADOC Medical Group (ADOC) is an independent practice association, a medical group of over 275 private physicians and 600 specialty physicians who are dedicated to providing affordable, quality healthcare for individuals of all ages. We are affiliated with most major health plans, including many HMOs.

With offices throughout the greater Orange County area, chances are board-certified primary care physician and board certified specialists you need are in your own neighborhood.

Our goal is to help you make better care decisions for yourself and your family.

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Richard Merkin, M.D., renews support for transformative science at Broad

October 06, 2021

Photo Credit Erik Jacobs

Heritage Medical Research Institute Media Contact:

Broad Institute

News / 10.6.21

Richard Merkin, M.D., renews support for transformative science at Broad

By Broad Communications


Support includes a gift to advance the Merkin Institute and the Merkin Fellows, inaugurating the Merkin Prize in Biomedical Technology, and establishing the Merkin Fund to support promising research in fundamental science.


Dr. Richard Merkin is renewing support for transformative research at the Broad Institute.


For more than a decade, Merkin has supported research at the Broad, enabling scientists to develop new genome-editing technologies, gain insight into how DNA is organized in cancer cells, and devise methods for discerning the function of genetic variants. Through the Merkin Institute Fellowship, he has helped nearly 20 promising early career scientists gain experience, drive impact, and launch innovative research. Most recently, he supported the founding of the Merkin Institute for Transformative Technologies in Healthcare at the Broad Institute, an initiative whose mission is to realize the potential for innovations in biomedicine - specifically, technologies meant to have a profound effect on therapeutics, diagnostics, and data. He also established the Richard Merkin Professorship, an endowed professorship currently held by Broad Institute Core Member David Liu.  


Dr. Merkin is making a new transformative gift to the Broad Institute to further advance the Merkin Institute and the Merkin Fellows, as well as to inaugurate a new international prize: the Merkin Prize in Biomedical Technology. He is also establishing an endowment for the Merkin Fund, which will support the most creative and promising research directions in fundamental science.


In recognition of Dr. Merkin’s deep commitment to research and innovation at the Institute, the Broad Institute’s building at 415 Main Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts has been named the Richard N. Merkin Building. The seven-story, 234,000 square-foot building, which is located in the heart of Kendall Square, houses advanced research laboratories to allow scientists to investigate the fundamental biology of, as well as new therapeutic options for, diseases ranging from cancer and diabetes to rare genetic conditions. Researchers are also developing new tools and techniques—available to the global research community—aimed at helping science rapidly progress. 


Broad Institute Director Todd Golub led the building’s dedication ceremony on October 6, 2021. “It is hard to put a value on Dr. Merkin’s support for science at the Broad,” Golub said. “Many research projects that he has supported, and continues to support, have been so transformative that year by year we see them continue to change the scientific landscape. I’m convinced that in the future we will look back in awe at how consequential his giving has been.”


“I can think of no better way to transform biomedicine, and ultimately improve the lives of patients, than to give full support to the most talented and ambitious scientists, those who aren’t afraid to tackle bold ideas and take risks,” said Dr. Merkin. “This is clearly the goal of the Broad, and that’s why I am so excited to partner with them in this mission.”


Dr. Merkin is a physician by training. In 1979, he founded the Heritage Provider Network (HPN), one of the country’s largest doctor-owned integrated health care systems. Since HPN’s inception, he has led the formation of dozens of independent practice association structures—all designed to make doctors’ offices more efficient for both doctors and patients. Through his experience with HPN, Dr. Merkin saw how bold and transformative ideas can lead to paradigm-shifting methods and technologies that can revolutionize healthcare.


Dr. Merkin is one of Broad’s early philanthropic partners dating back to his first gift in 2009 to fund a program for stem cell research that fueled a landmark study on long noncoding RNAs. At the time, these molecules were largely a mystery, but thanks to Dr. Merkin’s generosity, Broad scientists were able to develop a comprehensive toolbox of experimental methods and algorithms that enabled them to explore what happens in embryonic stem cells when more than 100 long noncoding RNAs are knocked out, one at a time. The team subsequently discovered that the RNAs play a central role in embryonic development, not just proteins as previously thought.


In 2012, Dr. Merkin created the Broad’s first endowed fellowship, the Merkin Institute Fellowship, which is designed to support promising scientists—especially those developing technologies that could dramatically accelerate progress for an entire field. This program has funded almost 20 Broad researchers, including Feng Zhang, core institute member and a pioneer in developing CRISPR; Beth Stevens, an institute member who has made seminal discoveries in the biology of schizophrenia; Martin Ayree, an institute member who has developed tools that generate high-resolution, 3-D models of DNA organization in tumor cells; and Fei Chen, core institute member and a pioneer of molecular and microscopy tools that illuminate biological pathways and functions.


“I am especially grateful to Dr. Merkin for his support, not only to myself and to my own work in neurobiology, but to all the other Merkin Fellows at the Broad who have dedicated their lives to transforming human health,” said Stevens. “This kind of generosity will undoubtedly help patients and change people’s lives. I’m convinced of that.”


In 2017, Dr. Merkin partnered with the Broad to launch the creation of the Merkin Institute for Transformative Technologies in Healthcare to support trailblazing scientists. David Liu, the inaugural Richard Merkin Professor and director of the Merkin Institute, ensures that the Merkin Institute achieves its mission by selecting and funding research efforts that can potentially rapidly accelerate our understanding and treatment of disease.


These projects have included research into new classes of drugs for diabetes and several cancers, new approaches to drug development, and a scalable approach for identifying disease-causing mutations.


“Over the past four years the Merkin Institute for Transformative Technologies in Healthcare has supported innovative, early-stage research opportunities for improving how we detect and treat disease,” said Liu. “Dr. Merkin’s continued support to the Broad will be key to helping us turn these projects and future creative ideas into promising realities for patients and their families.”


All of these efforts and the new transformative gift epitomize Merkin’s two philanthropic passions: supporting promising researchers and driving discovery through the development of bold new technologies.